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Screaming Frog fetches SEO data, including URL, metadata, Schema categories, and more. The primary benefit of Screaming Frog’s Spider is the ability to search for and filter various SEO issues. You don’t have to have a deep knowledge of SEO to figure out what is and isn’t done properly; the tool will help filter it for you.


Just enter the tracking code in here and Screaming Frog will tell you. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is free, however you can purchase a licence to crawl more than 500 URLs and have access to advanced features. Screaming Frog are an innovative search engine marketing agency offering search engine, Buy a licence for additional features.

  • Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects.
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data.
  • Review Meta Robots & Directives.
  • Audit hreflang Attributes.
  • Discover Exact Duplicate Pages.
  • Generate XML Sitemaps.
  • Site Visualisations.
  • Crawl Limit.


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